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Wedding Officiant & witness will come to you. A complimentary single long stemmed rose for the Bride.
Ceremony Package - $185

"A Fabulous Ceremony"
Elopement Package
under $240 includes:

  • Professional Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Long Stemmed Rose for Bride

Customize, minimize, or upgrade your elopement package to suite your budget, your needs, your vision. Book your elopement package, today!

"In-Suite Ceremony"

Sunrise or sunset, Las Vegas' skyline is breathtaking. Imagine having your ceremony high above the city lights just as the sun is setting and the city turns into a sea of shimmering lights.  Now, imagine your own custom ceremony package for under $300.

Basic In-Suite Ceremony Package Includes:
* Wedding Officiant,
* professional photographer,
* photo prints, & floral for bride.


Why Elope?#10. Wedding ceremony under $200
#9. No time constraints
#8. You won't have to plan a zillion things
#7. Pick up your marriage license & get married same day
#6. Las vegas destination dream wedding
#5. Create a romantic, intimate wedding day
#4. Spend time creating magical memories of your special day
#3. Be stress free, make more love & enjoy your time together
#2. Customize your ceremony package
#1. Las Vegas is a fabulous, fun & exciting place to get married!

Getting married is the most magical & wonderful time in your life.

Elopement is romantic & intimate because you are filled with a spirit of adventure.

So, where is your spirit of adventure taking you when you exchange your vows?

In Las Vegas, your wedding ceremony can be performed in a beautiful park-like atmosphere under a gazebo with packages starting below $300. Even better, for less than $200, you can tie-the-knot in the privacy of your hotel suite overlooking a spectacular view of shimmering city lights. From the majestic Red Rock Canyon to the Las Vegas Sign, I can offer you a variety of elopement packages customized to make your day unique, enjoyable, and memorable for both of you.

For those of you who do not want to deal with the extreme stress and the expense of a large wedding, but you still want the magic, the memories, tradition, and blessings of your own unique intimate, wedding day, book your Elopement Wedding Ceremony today.