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Pierre was a joy to work with, very professional and easy to communicate with via email text or phone. He was very helpful in also finding me a videographer, makeup artist and hairstylist. I live in another state and I had no idea who would provide some of the additional services at a reasonable rate and quality work, as well as transform me into a beautiful Bride:) I highly recommend Pierre Charmasson. He truly gives you the personal touch and makes sure that all of your questions are answered.
It's not every day that you get married - especially when you weren't necessarily planning on it. However, Jaime and I had been together for 13 years. We had been in Las Vegas for almost a week celebrating her parents 51st wedding anniversary. 

The day before we left I said to Jaime, "We've been engaged a very long time and everyone believes we're married already. What do you say we get hitched before we leave? This is Vegas, you know." 

Things are little different with us. We are a same sex couple - kind of. To everyone, we seem like a cute lesbian couple. However, I was born male, but transitioned to female many years ago. Nevada doesn't recognize same sex marriage and they made that abundantly clear when we attempted to get our marriage license. 

I disclosed I was biologically male. That set some eyes to rolling and mae for some awkward conversation, but after a few minutes we had our marriage license in hand. 

A friend arranged an officiant to meet us at the at the south end of town. Pierre arrived and could not have been more perfect. We exchanged vows mere hours before boarding the plane. 

For us, it was necessary to have someone that would perform the marriage. You'd be surprised at how many people will turn down a lesbian-ish couple. Next she was smooth. I mean, she seemed to have the perfect vows readily available for us - tailored for us. She was also able to switch gears when needed. For instance, I had a ring for Jaime, but Jaime didn't have a ring for me...and then all of a sudden - Jaime did have a ring for me and Wanda was right on top of it. She never missed a beat. 

Sweet, personable, and funny. If you are looking for an officiant for your ceremony, whether traditional or non-traditional, I don't think that you could find a better person in Las Vegas than Wanda. 

Consider her Carla and Jaime approved!
Everything was great my wife is from China and was afraid she wouldn't be able to understand what to say but Pierre took care of everything and the ceremony was beautiful and my wife was put totally at ease thanks for your dedication and performance at our happiest time.